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***6 X atv National Champion***
- 2016 Supermini CST/Pro X ATV MX National Champion
- 2016 90 Open Sr CST/Pro X ATV MX National Champion

- 2014 90 Shifter (8-11) Mtn Dew Atv MX National Champion
  - 2012 70 CVT AMA ATV Mx National Champion
- 2009 70 Production ATV Extreme Dirt Track Champion
- 2008 50 Limited ATV Extreme Dirt Track Champion
Round 8 of the Mtn Dew Atv MX National championship series was at Unadialla...The Home of Horsepower, in New Berlin, NY. The sun was hot, precipitation was zero, and the racing was exciting!

In years passed, Unadilla wasn't very kind to Trevor Thatcher, but this year, Trevor showed It that he was not gonna let it defeat him again! The weekend started off with some pretty decent practice, where Trevor finally worked up enough nerve to hit Sky Shot, and to his surprise, it wasn't as difficult as he thought it would be. That boosted his confidence. When the gate dropped in 90 Open Sr, Trevor was off his game, and got a bad start in Moto 1. In Moto 2, he got a better start but made a mistake in a corner and was passed by 2 riders...he ended up with a 5th overall.

Supermini was a different story! In Moto 1, Trevor came out of the gate in 2nd, behind Peyton Zimmerman. Bryce Ford, who was right on Trevor's grab bar, managed to get around him, but Trevor held onto 3rd. In Moto 2, Trevor yanked the holeshot, lead all 4 laps, and finished with his very first overall in Supermini. This was a huge accomplishment for him!

In 90 Shifter (12-15) Moto 1, Trevor pulled the holeshot, but dropped back to 3rd, behind Bryce Ford and Lance Walker. In Moto 2, Trevor once again pulled the holeshot, but this time, he was able to keep his first place position on the track the entire race, giving him another first place overall!

This is Trevor's first year in Supermini and both 90 Sr classes which are aged at 12-15. Trevor is 12, and by no means did he think he'd be able to run up front with these older, more experienced riders, let alone win against them!

Red Bud is one of his favorite tracks, and with morale high, it should be a great weekend for the 404!
The Fierce Powersports rider of the week is going to our very own Trevor Thatcher! After watching him ride at Muddy Creek, we are naming him Most Improved Rider. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the national last weekend, you missed out on some beautiful weather, and watching this kid tear up the track! The first couple of rounds, Trevor seemed to be struggling with finding his groove. After practice started on Fri, it was clear that he had found it! Even throwing a whip that any of the Pro’s would have been proud of! All of his hard work and training is really paying off! Way to rock out the weekend Trevor, keep up the hard work!
Georgia National Echeconnee MX - Lizella, Ga - 3/19/2015
Round one of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series, at Echeconnee MX, in Lizella, GA has come and gone. Friday and Saturday had perfect weather, butwith rain falling most of the night on Sat, and the forecast for 100% chance of thunderstorms all day Sunday, motos were cancelled. Making round 1 a one Moto format.

Trevor Thatcher, moving up to new classes this year, had a bit of trouble but showed everyone that he's ready and willing to get some wins this year. In 90 Shifter Sr, he finished 4th. In Supermini, he stoll the holeshot, led for a lap, but after losing his air filter, and nearly coming off his quad, he fell back and finished the race in 10th. He hurt his wrist when he almost came off his quad, but was determined to start his last race, 90 Open Sr. He yanked the holeshot and then set it on cruise, just to finish his race. He finished in 6th.

Trevor has nearly a month off before going to TX for round 2. He's hoping the weather breaks so he can throw down some practice laps and shake off the dust!
  Daytona ATV Supercross Daytona International Speedway - Daytona, FL
Trevor Thatcher headed south for the first ever Daytona ATV SX, where he raced in the Supermini class. This was his first race on his JB Mod 150, racing against the "fast" kids. He pulled the holeshot in his heat and in his Main, giving him the $100 Bell Helmet Holeshot award! He finished the race in 3rd place.

  Final Round of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series
I can't believe it's the last round of the Mtn Dew ATV MX Nationals already!...Loretta Lynn's is one of Trevor's favorite tracks. He was pretty bummed that it rained hard on Friday so he didn't go out for practice because he wanted to save his quad for racing and not risk hurting it in the mud. It rained a little on Saturday morning, so Trevor's 1st race was a bit of a mud race....In 90 Open Jr, Trevor finished 2nd in moto one, after getting stuck behind another rider and not being able to pass because of the mud. He came back for a win in moto 2, giving him 1st overall, but just missing the championship due to having to fall back on throw outs after tying with Lance Walker for the year. Trevor’s best throw out was 4th, and Lance’s was 3rd.
In 90 Shifter (8-11), Trevor won both motos, giving him 2 first place finishes at Loretta’s!

Trevor would like to say thanks to his sponsors for supporting him this year. ..

"Thanks to Fierce Powersports for making my motors super fast, helping to keep me out front. Makson Inc for paying my entry fees all year, and for the contingency check at the end! Root River Racing for helping with the parts I needed to keep my quad moving and all the delicious slushies. Galfer Brakes for supplying me with all my brakes this year. Jerry @ 488 web for designing my awesome website and always keeping it fresh! Elka Suspension for keeping me going through the bumps and whoops, flawlessly. Quadtech for supplying me with some awesome seat covers. Goodman Racing, Harold always keeps my shocks fresh for me.

ATV Outlaws...Cole Sepesi and Joe Scarrow train me and help me whenever I need advice or just a little pep talk...I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without them pushing me harder and harder and giving me the confidence that I need to win races. Speed Punks Images for helping get me to the races, and taking some sweet shots of me at local races. Fly, Boysen, Hinson, Leatt, Hot Rods, Liquid Performance, ODI, X Brand Goggles, FTR, Works Connection, Pivot Works, Vertex, Fasst Company, Rebel Gears, and Rath for hooking me up with some amazing deals on the most top of line products! Also thanks to Ken Hill & Harlen Foley at ATV Riders and Digital Dave from RaceDay Pix for taking some awesome pics of me this year."
  Round 8 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series
Trevor Thatcher rode hard as usual, but with his rear brake sticking in the first moto of 90 Shifter Jr, he was only able to clench a 6th place finish over all, even with his last lap charge for the lead in the 2nd moto, he was unable to pass Lance at the checkers. In 90 Open Jr, Trevor won the first moto, but again with quad troubles in the 2nd moto, he was lucky to stay in 3rd, giving him a 2nd place overall. 
  Round 7 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series was in New Berlin, NY at Unadilla. Unadilla has been a bad luck track for Trevor the last couple of years. In 2012, when he was racing 70 CVT, his radiator hose came off his radiator, causing his motor to blow up in the 2nd lap, while he was leading. In 2013, racing in 90 Production, he broke a kick starter, and a transmission…getting towed off the track both times. This year, he was able to finish 1st overall in 90 Shifter (8-11). However, in 90 Open Jr, Trevor won moto 1 but in moto 2, he had motor problems again, causing him to finish in 3rd, giving him 2nd overall. At least he was able to finish the race, and not be towed off this year!

Trevor was able to lock up the 90 Shifter (8-11) Championship at Unadilla, with 2 rounds left. He is still trying hard for the 90 Open Jr.
  Round 6 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX Nationals took place in Millville, MN at Spring Creek MX.  The track was crazy rough, with some huge jumps!  Trevor took both holeshots in the 90 Shifter Jr class, and won both motos. He had a pretty good battle going with Max Lindquist in moto 2, but was able to finish on top.   In 90 Open Jr, Trevor took both holeshots, and won the first moto.  The 2nd moto, Lance Walker passed Trevor when he almost came off his quad exiting the whoops.  Trevor was not able to gain back his position, therefore finishing in 2nd....giving him 2nd overall. All in all, it was a good weekend, the track was rough but sweet, and Trevor hopes to be able to go back and race there again.
  I just want to say a quick thanks to my sponsors for helping me get here! Let me start off with saying thanks to Harlen Foley at ATVriders.com for hooking me up with some pretty awesome pictures this weekend! Harlen's been taking pictures of me since I was 5 years old, and they are always sweet shots! Fierce Powersports (Dyno Tuning), Makson Inc (David Eller), Root River Racing (Rich Gillette & Rod Mickelson), Elka Suspension (Cynthia Prefontaine), 488 Web Design (Jerry Stonecipher), Goodman Racing, Galfer Braking, Boyesen, Hot Rods, Hinson Racing, Leatt, Liquid Performance, ODI, Eks Brand goggles, Quadtech, Ftr Powersports, Speedpunks Images (Matt Pranger), Works Connection, Pivot Works, JB Racing, Fasst Company, Breezewood Proving Grounds (Dan Harris), Rebel Gears, Digital Dave @ Raceday Pix, Rath Racing, Cole Sepesi, Joe Scarrow, Melissa Kufel, Cheryl Thatcher my brother, my mom (Heather Thatcher), and last but not least, my dad (Corey Thatcher)....you all help me in so many ways, and without all of your help, I wouldn't be able to do this sport that I love so much. THANK YOU!!!
  Trevor attended the Chad Wienen and Thomas Brown riding school at Sunset Ridge on 5/23/2014. He would just like to say thanks to them both for taking time out of their busy schedules and sharing some of their knowledge with the group.
  Round 4 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series was at Sunset Ridge in Walnut, IL 5/31-6/1/2014. It was another beautiful weekend, with the sun shining every day. Trevor had a little bit of bad luck in moto 1 of the 90 Shifter Jr Class. He led the race for a lap and a half, until his motor blew up, causing him to finish 14th. He did however, finish 1st in the 2nd moto, giving him a 6th over all.

In the 90 Open Jr Class, Trevor won both motos, giving him 1st overall. Trevor would like to say thanks to all his sponsors who help him throughout the season…Fierce Powersports, Makson Inc., Root River Racing, ATV Outlaws, Joey Scarrow, 488 Web Design, Elka Suspension, Goodman Racing, Galfer Braking, Hinson Racing, X-Brand Goggles, Hot Rods, Leatt, DWT, Liquid Performance, ODI, Quadtech, Speedpunks Images, Works Connection, FTR, Pivot Works, Rath Racing, Breezewood Proving Grounds, JB Racing, Fasst Co., Rebel Gears, Vertex, Boyesen, Rage, Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Also, thanks to Culligan Water for sponsoring him for round 4.
  Round 3 Maxxis ATV Stampede
High Point Raceway - 5/15/2014 - Mt. Morris PA 

Trevor was a little nervous going into round 3 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship series​   ​.  With his 2nd degree ankle sprain, he was only able to ride a couple of times during the 6 week break.  He thought he may have fallen behind on training, but when that gate dropped, he proved himself wrong!​   ​​

 ​Trevor showed  his skills by claiming both holeshots in 90 Open Jr as well as in 90 Shifter Jr. Even pulling a wheely out of the gate once or twice, and staying in it! Trevor led all 4 laps in all 4 of his motos, leaving Highpoint MX with 2 overall wins!

Trevor is currently leading points in 90 Shifter (8-11) and is 2nd in 90 Open Jr (8-11)
  The rider who impressed us the most this past weekend at Valley Motocross was our very own #404, Trevor Thatcher. He really showed his skills on the track, as he raced 8 hard laps on his 90 mod against the Schoolboy Jr/300cc quads in the Youth Open class. Even though Trevor is recovering from a 2nd degree sprained ankle, he rode flawlessly, lap after lap. Way to go Trevor, you are becoming a huge role model for a lot of kids. We are giving you the Most Impressive Mini Rider based on how many compliments we heard at the track and numerous emails/fb messages we received. Keep up the good work! Thanks to Matt Pranger at SpeedPunks Specialized Images for the killer image!!
  Round 2 Mtn Dew ATV National Championship Series
Muddy Creek proved to be a tough track for a lot of riders. However, Trevor had no complaints as he used his TT skills on this extremely blue grooved, rough track.

In 90 Open Jr on Sat, he finished 1st, but finished 3rd on Sunday, which gave him a 2nd overall.

In 90 Shifter Jr on Sat he finished 3rd. On Sunday, he got the holeshot and raced hard to stay out in front for all 4 laps. He crossed the checkers in first by .6 seconds, giving him a 1st overall!

Trevor can’t wait to get to High Point for round 3!
  Moral was high going into round 1 of the Mtn Dew ATV National Championship Series at Aonia Pass MX Park in Washington, GA. Its been a long winter. With so much snow, and such cold weather, Trevor wasn't able to ride any in the off season, except for one weekend trip to GA. Trevor was ready to ride, he was excited to get back to the track.

On Saturday, moto 1 of the 90 Open jr race, Trevor pulled the holeshot and led all 4 laps. Although it was a close battle, Trevor came out on top. Moto 1 of 90 Shifter (8-11) Trevor pulled the holeshot, finished in 2nd, with a blown up motor.

On Sunday moto 2 of the 90 Open jr race, Trevor yanked the hole shot, rounded the first corner, cracked the piston, causing him to finish 6th (4th overall). Moto 2 of the 90 Shifter (8-11) race wasn't too far behind.

He raced the same bike for both races on Saturday, so he had to race the same one for both races Sunday. We pushed the bike in the trailer and Corey Thatcher did his magic. Got it done just in time to get to staging for the 90 Shifter (8-11) race. Trevor Thatcher pulled the holeshot, led all 4 laps, and won the race!

Trevor left round 1 leading points in the 90 Shifter (8-11) class and 4th in the 90 Open jr class.
  Loretta Lynn's Dirt Days National - 8/8/2013 - Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
Trevor wrapped up the season with a win in the 90 Open (9-11) class giving him 5 overall wins and 13 podiums for the 2013 season.  He finished 2nd in the 90 Limiited (8-15) class and 3rd in the 90 Open (9-11) class.  What a great year!!
  Round 9 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
RedBud National - 7/25/2013 - Buchanan, Michigan
Trevor left RedBud with a 4th over all in 90 Mod Jr and a 1st over all in 90 limited. 
In 90 Limited Trevor took both holeshots and both moto wins! 
He has gained back the points lead by only 1 point!!!  
  Round 8 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Unadilla National - 7/11/2013 - New Berlin, NY
Trevor took on the legendary Unadilla track and earned a 2nd overall in the 90 Open (8-11) and 3rd in 90 Limited (8-15).  For the series he is currently in 3rd in 90 Open (8-11) and 2nd in 90 Limited (8-15). 
  Round 7 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Steel City National - 7/4/2013 - Export, PA

Hey, that's not Trevor's quad! So thankful there are still some very awesome & nice people out there! Trevor's motor blew heading to the gate and one of his competitors offered their extra quad for him to race....thanks so much Stanfields, u can't imagine how much we appreciate it!    
  Round 6 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Birch Creek National - 6/6/2013 Danville, Virginia

With practice being cancelled on Fri and racing being changed to a 1 moto format due to weather conditions, Trevor ended up with 3rd place finish in 90 mod jr and a 4th place in 90 limited.  He was racing hard in 2nd place in 90 limited for 2 1/2 laps until his rear shock blew a seal and lost all of its fluid.  He lost his points lead, but only by 1 point and he's not giving up yet!  He said to look out for him at Steel City because he has a month to train, and he's planning on getting his points lead back!  
  Round 5 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Sunset Ridge National - Walnut, Illinois

Trevor is leaving Sunset Ridge MX with a 1st place in 90 limited and a 2nd place in 90 mod jr. Trevor pulled both hole shots and won both motos in 90 limited. In 90 mod jr, Moto 1 he finished 3rd and Moto 2 he finished 2nd, giving him 2nd overall. He is leaving round 5 leading points in 90 limited and 3rd place in 90 mod jr. He has been riding fantastic this season.  Way to go Trevor!
  Round 4 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Wildcat Creek National - 5/10/2013 - Rossville, Indiana

Wildcat Creek Mx was a pretty crazy track, with A LOT of wrecks!  Moto 1 of 90 Open Jr Trevor and another rider got into each other on a jump and both quads cart wheeled a few times.  Trevor has a few scrapes and is pretty sore, but not majorly hurt.  He didn't finish the race and didn't race moto 2, so he ended up with a 15th overall in that class.  In 90 Limited Moto 1 (which was 5 motos after his 90 mod wreck), he finished 5th.  Moto 2, Trevor got the holeshot, led all 4 laps, and finished first giving him 3rd overall.

Trevor wants to wish all riders who wrecked at Wildcat Creek MX, a speedy recovery.
  Round 3 2013 Mt Dew Atv Motocross Championship
Ballance Moto X - 4/25/2013 Oakland, Kentucky

Trevor had an exceptional weekend at Ballance Moto X with a win in the 90 Limited (8-15) class and runner up in the 90 Open (8-11) class.  Trevor is leading the championship in the 90 Limited (8-15) class and 3rd in the 90 Open (8-11)  
  2013 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship
Muddy Creek National - 4/11/2013 - Blountville, Tennessee

Trevor headed to Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, TN for the second round of the 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship and put in a solid weekend of racing with a 2nd place overall finish in the 90 Open (8-11) class and 5th overall in the 90 Limited (8-15).  It is early in the season but Trevor is in solid position to challenge for titles in both classes!  Check back for the full story!
  Portland Trail Riders - District 14

Trevor was in the hospital for a few days last week because of complications with his diabetes.  Every time the dr. came in to check on him, Trevor would ask when he could go home because he had a race on Saturday.  He was released late Thursday afternoon and couldn't wait to get to the track on Friday.  As you can see from the pics, he was feeling a lot better!

Trevor raced at Portland Trail Riders for a District 14 race.  He finished 1st in both motos in 90 Mod on Sunday and was killing it all day on the track during practice on Saturday.
  2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Aonia Pass - 3/21/2013 - Washington, Georgia

The weekend started off ok with some decent practice in on Friday.  Saturday it started raining  just about the time the racing started.  In 90 mod Jr/open Jr Trevor was 2nd in the hole shot but a half a lap in, his motor seized up because of there being so much water on the track. he ended up with a DNS, 12 place. There were only 3 quads out of 15 that finished that race.   We weren't going to even go out for the 90 production/limited race because the weather conditions and the track were so bad, but 20 minutes before his race, the rain stopped and the sun came out. The pros were on the track and 5 min. Before Trevor's gate drop, he got geared up and got to the gate. He got the hole shot and won that moto. Racing was cancelled on Sunday so Trevor left Aonia Pass with a first in 90 production/limited and a 12th in 90 mod Jr/open Jr
  AMA - the faces OF ama atv racing 
Trevor and the entire family are honored to be recognized for their efforts in an article in the ATVA NEWS. The article includes "A Race Mon's Story" where Trevor's mom Heather talks about the highs and lows of being  the mom of a young national champion and a discussion with Trevor himself.  We want to thank the AMA for their continued support of ATV racing.

Check out the article ...    
Trevor joined his fellow competitors and sponsors at the 2012 Banquet where he received his #1 plate for winning the 2012 AMA ATV Motocross National Championship in the 70 CVT class. 
by atvriders.com
"AMA ATV MX Trevor Thatcher locked up the 70 CVT Championship and would score a 2-2 here at Loretta Lynn's."
    Read the full article on atvriders.com  
  7-year-old ATV champion puts his focus on winning 
By Bridget Tharp, Blase Staff Writer
SWANTON - With two national titles and nine local championship trophies, this pint-sized racer has a giant resume. Trevor Thatcher, 7, has been driving all-terrain vehicles since he was 2 years old. He won his first race at 4 years old.  He earned his second national title last month. Trevor beat 14 other drivers to win the 51-70 Production Series for children ages 6 to 11 years old at the American Motorcyclist Association's Extreme Dirt Track National ATV Race
    Read the full article on toledoblase.com  
  TPR Young Guns on Top Three
Tarantula Performance Racing sponsored youth racers are currently sitting in the top three in points in their respective classes in the national motocross and dirt track ATV series. Six-year-old Trevor Thatcher of Swanton, Ohio, is currently leading the points race in the 70cc production class in the 2009 Duro Extreme Dirt Track ATVA Nationals. Thatcher is leading after taking the overall class win at the first two rounds. Thatcher powers through a corner on his flat-track prepped TPR/Fierce Powersports DRX ATV. Thatcher also is leading a local series on his Fierce Powersports/TPR DRR DRX 50 and 70cc quads. In the OMI Outlaw series, Thatcher is in first place in the 50cc stock, 70cc stock, 70cc production and 51-90cc modified classes.